Even better niche

Hi Brooke,
I’ve started recording my first podcast episodes and realised that my examples didn’t ring true. So I’ve narrowed down my niche even further than before: women in their thirties wanting / needing to speak English, who are introverted, shy, perfectionistic AND working in the health and fitness retailing industry. I thought that I could put the knowledge I’ve gathered thanks to my overeating struggle to good use and I’m super excited about that new prospect. Lots of specific shops immediately popped up in my mind like the French equivalent of Whole Foods or sports retailer like Décathlon. I’ve even tried to narrow it down to only shop assistants and only food articles but then it didn’t sound as fun because I felt that my students’ needs would be very limited (from helping customers buy a lettuce to ordering a box of Medjool dates and that was about it but I may be wrong about it of course).
What do you think?
Nadège in Paris