Evening desire to eat

I find that even still after 6 months of being in SCS and 27lbs lost, the desire to eat around 8 pm has become very strong. Even if its “healthy” food. My main thoughts are “its ok, ive met 2/3 of my goals for weight loss, its not a big deal, its just a little”
But when I run the model I feel like my result doesnt line up
C- its 8 pm and I want to eat food
T- its ok, not a big deal
F- entitled, justified
A- give in and eat
R- it is a big deal

I didnt give in and eat so maybe thats where my confusion is in the model heres the intentional model
C- its 8pm and I want to eat food
T- this is just an urge, my body is dining in. Im not really hungry
F- determined
A- allow the urge
R- I dont eat

Are these models correct or hiw can I clean them up?