Evergreen webinar

Hey, just wanting feedback on my model. I’m creating an evergreen webinar to sell my online course.
unintentional model
C recording evergreen webinar
T I have to position this right so that people will buy it
F Icky, constricted
A Block my natural energy flow, am too scripted
R Don’t sell as much as I could

new model
C recording evergreen webinar
T My offer really helps people
F Confident
A be in my element and flow when recording
R Sell to ideal clients

I feel okay about this, but not awesome. I’m not sure what I’m missing. I think I have some other limiting beliefs in the way too.

My offer doesn’t help people. Nobody wants this. I’m an idiot. What gives me the right to try and sell something? I have to be salesy and sleazy. I’m scamming people – I think this comes from me not being totally confident in the value I bring. I have no idea why. I have some clients that get awesome results. Some clients get less awesome results. I guess maybe this depends on how we define results, really. I’m a bit up in my head feeling like “I gotta get this right!”