everyday thought download

hi there
so i’m pretty demotivated, because my goal was to improve my relationshop with my bf i mean the thoughts
and when i have a bad day concerning my relationship i make thought downloads etc.
but when not i don’t do anything.
and i wrote i few times that i don’t know what to do cause i feel i’m not taking the most out of this course.
and you told me these are just thoughts
but even if they are i don’t want them to change because they keep me going and push me to be better.
you know what i mean?

so here is my main question?
i want to do a thought download everyday
do i make one everyday about my relationship or i a thought download in general?
and what if i don’t have anything specific to download about my relationship? to i jsut have to think about him and let the thoughts come? or what do you suggest?

thanks so much