This is why everyone should go to the Modelthons when they can!!!

Brooke, my mind is blown. I wrote in last night about potential anxiety and this whole escalating thought process going on which continued into this morning where I had the thought in the unintentional model below.

As I started to write the intentional thought, I wrote “I can handle this. I can do hard things. I can handle hard things.” Knowing we should only have one sentence per model I thought “oh, these are all close to the same. They can be in one model.” But then I remembered that the lovely “Joanne The Life Coach” sat next to me at the last modelthon and showed me how I had combined two models and broke it out for me so I could see that the feeling I had written didn’t come from the thought I had written down, which was a really complex thought (hey…I was trying to get it to one sentence). So, while that wasn’t exactly what I was doing here, it inspired me to draw lines down the middle of my model to separate those three sentences into three separate models. And from there…mind blown at how I can really witness just how three thoughts that are all very similar have different impacts. All the extra extra stress I had worked myself into melted away with intentional model #1. Had I kept it as one long thought incorporating all three, it wasn’t helping at all.

C – work/life
T – I really feel like I’m one straw away from a nervous breakdown
F – stressed, overwhelmed, out of control
A – buffer, complain, stress more, start to worry
R – more stress and a continued feeling of being about to breakdown

Intentional #1
C – work/life
T – I can handle this.
F – relieved
A – breathe more deeply, relax a bit
R – easier to handle whatever it is. Stress response lessens.

Intentional #2
C – work/life
T – I can do hard things
F – irritated (that I have to)
A – complain, stress myself more, buffer
R – continue making things hard

Intentional #3
C – work/life
T – I can handle hard things
F – capable
A – do whatever is necessary
R – I’m handling it

I CAN HANDLE THIS!! My new mantra.
So looking forward to seeing you and everyone at the next Modelthon. BTW, what is that called, jumping models or something like that?

Thanks love!
Mary in Dallas