"Everyone hates me."

“Everybody hates me” is a sentence that keeps popping in my head the last couple of weeks. It mostly occurs when I’m getting ready to reach out to someone by e-mail for work. My job is to make connections — community outreach for my employer. There is little or no reality base for the thought, which might be why I’m having a harder time working on this thought than more “rational” unhelpful thoughts.

I am working completely remotely and to stay healthy have heavily minimized in-person interactions since March. It FEELS like this thought is related to our seeming isolation. But I know even calling this “isolation” is relative and thought-based.

C It’s time to write an e-mail to someone asking them to partner in a project.
T Everybody hates me.
F Rejected
A Procrastination
R Postponing reaching out lengthens the feeling of disconnection.