Everything at once

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been watching ‘How to feel better’ video’s until #5. What is hard (yes, a thought) is really believing that there’s no problem just situations, and I can choose to think about them however I want.
Example. Right now, I feel stressed. Why? This is my situation; 3 months ago I opened an interior shop in another country (where we lived before). I hired my staff, 2 women. Only during my last visit one told me her doctor told her to take rest and not come to the shop anymore (5 months pregnant). The next day the other woman told me she was pregnant too! I’m in the middle of finding replacement for them, from a distance. My husband has a factory, same country, since 23 years with 150 employees. Since a year the results are falling, he’s in the middle of restructuring the business, he also has to let people go. We have our house for sale since a year, and it has not been sold yet. In the meantime we’ve build a new house where we’ll move this summer. We don’t want to leave an empty house. I’m discussing with real estate agents, high-end holiday home rental firms. I feel, or better, think: “Everything happens at the same time, how do I solve all these issues?”.
We’ve never had financial problems, we have a beautiful house, I’ve a great husband and son. We’re all healthy. I’m not sleeping under the bridge:-)
But sometimes…

When I make a model. Do I make a model for everything, ‘the situation’? Or one for my shop, for the sale of the house etc.?

C. House not yet sold in a year
T. This summer we have to leave an empty house with all consequences
F. desperate(?)
A. Contact other real estate agents, Linked in, face book, ad in newspaper FT etc
R. still not sold yet

If I really was that desperate, I suppose I didn’t take the actions I’m taking. But I feel often, on and off, desperate. Not all the time.

C. Shop staff
T. Within 3 months both pregnant and one of them sick at home
F. Anger
A. looking for replacement in many ways
R. new staff

The same here. I take action, but the place form where I take action will determine the outcome. So the staff I’ll find will not be the right one?
Am I switching models? Something is not right in these models.

I feel fear, anger, resentment. And then, after a yoga class(!) or a long walk, I’m able to see everything in perspective. And then the fear comes again. And so on.

Brooke, what is your approach to this situation?
Thank you so much.