Everything is going just fine

Brooke, I just want you to know how much the coaching session with the “cleaning out the closet” surprised me in two ways. First of all, I just can’t fathom people not using this program as I am in my 3rd month and I continue to constantly have life changing experiences and am learning so much about myself. I am extremely thankful for you and your staff and appreciate all your hard work.
Secondly, I too was struggling with not having cleaned out my closet yet. I cleaned out my car, started my closet and did not get it done and scheduled more time next week. I was glad to hear that someone else was worried about not having it done yet. I also realized how fascinating this whole journey has been and continues to be and that I never thought I would actually want to “clean out my closet” let alone enjoy it. I allowed myself to replace the worry with enjoying my journey instead and realized that everything is going just fine. I am so thankful and continue to be amazed every single day. I am down 22 lbs. on the overeating program so far, I have built my relationship back up with my mom, I have improved my work-life, I got myself on a 3 day a week exercise schedule and here is a big one…. last month on the scheduling month… I completed and defended my research proposal for my doctorate… which I have been trying to do for 3 years….
It just goes to show you. .. if you put in the work you will amaze yourself … thank you, Brooke! You are amazing! ! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me for the next 3 amazing months!!!