Everything seems so overwhelming right now.

C: Have a nutritionist meal plan, and not following that. Avoiding her calls.
T: I didn’t follow through the plan (again)
F: Shame
A: Avoid talking to her. Predict she will make me feel shameful about not following the plan. I buffer by going out and eating more meals off the plan. I ruminate and tell myself I will never get a handle on this. I check FB incessantly. I don’t plan to stock up the grocery I need. I compare with other people who are hiking and are fit and exercising. I tell myself they know a secret I don’t. I tell myself, this food is so boring. I don’t have time for this.
R: I perpetuate the cycle of not following through on my plan.


C: Same
T: I can choose to forgive myself and learn from this.
F: Neutral
A: I tell myself as long as I am not giving up, I am in the game. As long as I am in the game, I am winning. I plan to do grocery shopping. I think about the meals and when I will cook them to be efficient. I check the plan and tell myself a different story – of “I am trying and this is a sign of me trying that I have hired a nutritionist to support me.” Failing and learning is part of the path to success. I can feel the shame and go through it. It’s simply an emotion., She cannot MAKE me feel anything. I decide to go for 15 min walks.
R: I forgive myself and learn from my experiences.

Can you please give me some coaching on this? Along with other things, everything seems to be getting to me, and I am victimising myself. I feel so fragile that my husband with his good intention – giving me suggestions as to what I should be doing – made me cry. I can’t totally figure out what’s happening. But it all seems overwhelming right now. I have a lot of projects in business, health, tendonitis in my foot, home and son duties. I can see myself buffering with food, avoiding talking to people and being obsessive about work, and avoiding ordinary duties, and everything else. I know all these are circumstances, but somehow I am not sure where I should start. I decided to start here.