Everything went to hell

Greetings, Brooke! We had house guests last weekend and all my plans went out the window. We went out to eat and I went off protocol, I consumed the wine and chocolates they brought with them, and I gained three pounds in three days. I had to give up my office (which doubles as a guest room) and my living room chair (we don’t have a sofa), which I didn’t mind, but somehow I just lost control of everything. I didn’t get all my work done, either, although I had planned to.

It’s easy for me to stay on protocol when I have my space and my life, but disturbances seem to throw me off completely. I am also noticing that I change my protocol whenever I know those changes are coming–essentially, to avoid the ordeal of going off protocol, I change the protocol even when I’d rather not drink.

Why do I let this happen and how do I figure that out? I know it’s my own thoughts about the “disturbances,” not the actual changes in routine that I find so difficult. I’m having trouble getting at the thoughts underneath that make it so easy for me to lose control of my life when the circumstances change, even briefly.

Suggestions? Thanks!!