Evolve or Die ;)

I’ve been doing this work for a while and feel like I’m pretty good at doing the model and understanding how circumstances are always neutral. I chose a goal to gain 5lbs in lean muscle and loose 5 lbs of fat. I’m doing great and learning to manage urges and stop buffering with food with the tools you teach. I am at a point where I feel pretty comfortable. Normally this would be great news to me and I think has been my unwritten goal for so long.
When I do the work where I can put anything in the R line I find I have dreams of one day living on some land, with horses and nice a pool. Of spending time with family and being really close with my kids and husband. I don’t have a huge pull toward being an entrepreneur, my husband is and I feel I have a huge role in supporting him and being a stay at home Mom for now. I am still wanting to push myself so I’ve made some goals to learn new things like to become fluent in Italian and learn to play the piano. My compelling reason for all of these things is to evolve and become the best version of myself, to show my daughter and son what is possible, to be fearless. I feel there is a gap however between my compelling reason and my goals. I don’t feel like they are big enough but I’m honestly struggling to find goals that I want that will stretch my mind. Would love to have you work your ninja skills to see what you can do to push me. Love you!