Evolving and Old Friendships

Hello Coaches,
I have been using the model and doing a lot of work with my mind over the last several years. I have really seen myself evolve into someone who has the ability to chase some BIG dreams. I have a sticking point though that I am struggling with, and would like some help with feeling like I may be “out evolving” my old friendships and more and more finding myself coming home from being with them feeling let down.
Here is a specific example:
This morning I went for coffee with a friend I have know for 25 years. I have provided a lot of support to her over the years because I feel I am naturally inclined to be empathetic and even just last week set a timer on my phone to ensure I would wish my friend good luck on her job interview in time.
Today, I told her some very big personal news and she was completely disinterested and changed the subject when I was in mid sentence. I feel like everywhere I go these days in my small town I have to be careful to “play small”. I realize that I do not cause another’s feelings of jealousy; however, I am so longing to be able to share the things I am proud of, or looking forward to, with my friends without intimidating them. How can I navigate this increasing sense of being successful in a bubble and not having people to share it with?