Evolving Too Fast

Hi… so, I achieved my goal of letting go of my private clients to focus on teaching groups. What coincided with this change was my husband telling me he has been behind on his bills and needs me to chip in. And we also put my stepson in private school and I see that I am the one that needs to come up for the money each month bc my husband is tapped out. This adds an extra $1,000 to my monthly bills. My Brain is freaking out that I let go of my clients and now have to come up with more money. I wake up in the middle of the night for a couple hours, I am experiencing weird stress symptoms and, in general, the main feeling I am having is anxiety and panic. I know I need to evolve but it feels like too big of a leap. Quitting my regular job and having to have to come up with more money is really stressing me out. I would like to think that money is easy but my brain can only find evidence that it’s difficult. I had everything worked out on paper to make way more money, but I am not even close to my goal. I am being fueled by scarcity.