ex got a friend in the divorce

Hello. I am going through a divorce. I had made friends with a woman who is the group of moms that I’m friends with when I was still married. I really liked her, so I tried to get my husband to be friends with her husband. Encouraged him to hang out with them. I told my friend about the divorce pretty late in the game – including that he had an affair and was being pretty mean – at the time was kicking me out of the house in smoke and Covid – I even went to this friend’s house one night as there was nowhere else to go. Anyway, when we were separating, my husband went around to our/my friends and had some sit down talk with them where he thanked them for being such good friends to him – which was weird, and did not include me. My husband was not being safe in Covid, which freaked me out given a medical condition I have, but also because the daughter and partner of my friend have health conditions, and he was hanging out with them.

For a long time this was the only family my husband hung out with, with my children. He has gradually started hanging out with others as well. Over the past year they have spent more time together.

Whenever I hear my children talking about this family, I feel upset. Today on my phone call with them, they told me: “Guess what! Names brought us a gymnastics bar! And we got a X, Y, Z.” It upsets me because he makes a lot more money than me and this person used to be my friend, he met the husband through me, and now they are friends with him and not me. Right now I feel like telling the lady (previous friend) that he makes tons of money and is trying to avoid paying child support and why is she giving him things!?!

I don’t know what to do about this upset – but I feel upset – angry – sad – hurt – rejected – every time I hear my kids talk about them.