Ex-Husband and Drinking-Thoughts vs. Facts

I’m having trouble determining thoughts from facts.

I chose to no longer be married to him because I think he drinks alcohol to excess and it’s not how I want to live my life. We have a daughter that is 4.5 and often during parenting transition times I think he’s been drinking. My thought is he’s been drinking but I think it’s a fact because I know how he used to act when he had drank too much. His eyes look different, he sits differently, his voice is different, his speech is slightly slurred. There are all these little things that I know but most likely wouldn’t be proven in a court of law. Anytime, I address the drinking he denies it and then my thoughts go to what if I’m wrong.

I have two models going one for when the drinking first happened and then the model for after I read his text message

C-Ex-husband showed signs of drinking and driving with my daughter (how his eyes look, slurred speech, etc)
T-He’s drunk and it’s not OK for him to drink and drive with my daughter, he’s putting her in danger
A-don’t think rationally and yell at him,

C-Ex-husband sent text that said “I don’t know what you think you saw”
T-I know the signs of his drinking but possibly I’m wrong, he’s trying to gaslight me, I have to keep my daughter safe
A-spin out, question myself, ask friends, look up gaslighting, think of ways I can catch him so I have actual proof of the drinking
R-I question myself even though I know what I saw