Ex-MIL strikes again!

I’ve modeled and thought downloaded and need some help on this one! I recently found out my ex MIL told my daughter something that was not true about my divorce and the division of assets. I’m trying to decide if I should say anything to my MIL. Although I had lots of yuck around it-I’ve cleared it (I think-but it could be masquerading as good intentions here-thus my question to you!). I love her and have a good relationship with her and honestly want her to know that what she said was inaccurate and that she can always talk to me if she has any questions. (Which she probs won’t, but thats ok.). And, I want to ask her to not share private information that my ex shares with her or to talk about any of that with the kids. NOt sure if this is a boundary or not-it clearly had an impact on what my daughter thought about the situation-which is all I really care about. OPtion #2-leave MIL alone and just talk directly to kids and let them know I am always available if they want to talk about anything that is bothering them. My trouble with that is that my kids probably wouldn’t be bothered at all (or enough to bring anything up) and it just gets filed as truth in their minds until it has a chance to come up. Help!