Ex text trigger

C: Ex texts or email me
T: Why can’t he just leave me alone, he has already caused me enough pain. I wish I didn’t have to still deal with him. I would like to never have to have contact with him again. He lost the right to be involved in my life when he left
F: annoyed, irritated, angry
A: stay stuck. I just go in a bad thought loop.

I would like to reframe my thinking. I need a bridge thought so I will not stay stuck feeling like a victim. I need to get back my power.

When I think about the feeling- anger, irritated, annoyed and try to process it, I find sadness lingering behind. I am trying to process these emotions so I can move on with my new life.

Do you have any suggestions of new thoughts that might help me shift my thoughts?

My ex and I have three children together so he will always be involved in my life. Just writing that irritates me because I want to feel like it is no big deal and means nothing