Exam > Weight loss?

I’m studying for a huge exam. If I fail this exam, I’ll lose over $20,000, won’t get paid in my current job, and have to take the exam again next year and have to pay another $20K.

I have to go to school where I have a lecturer screaming at us all day, getting us to argue etc. This happens from 8-5pm most days and will be the case for the next 6 months.

I have no time for me. I come home exhausted, agitated, tired and frustrated. I then have to do my homework, prep my cases for the next day and then repeat.

I have a weight loss goal that I didnt meet and gained instead. I find myself nibbling on snacks while studying because I’m so tired and the snacks help me get through my studies. I want to try and ‘stop’ or process the emotion, but I’m so tired and not even sure it works/helps.

I need to study, because I need to pass. Right now, I dont have the energy to stop myself from snacking mindlessly. This is an issue because then I end up spending so much mental energy hating myself and my body and not reaching my weight loss goals.

I want to pass my exam and lose the weight but right now, it feels impossible.