Exception Eats with 30-day time-frame for goal

Hi Brooke,
Love your tools and your coaching!
I have a question about the exception eats this month. For my September goal, I’ve set losing 8.2 lbs by October 1st (AM weigh-in). This is more than I’ve been losing per month recently, and I know that I’ll get there by sticking to my eating and walking protocol and getting enough sleep (among other tactics). I’m planning for a week-long conference out of town by buying a travel scale and scheduling time to create an on-the-road eating plan.
Here’s my question:
You talk about scheduling exception eats for many reasons. You’ve also said that there’s no rush in terms of getting to one’s goal weight — since this will be the last time a person has to lose weight. That all makes sense — except in the context of a time-frame like 30 days for a pretty hefty weight loss goal. It seems that if I do exception eats, I might accomplish some learning — insights into why I desire a particular food or wine — but more than that, it seems like it’s unnecessarily throwing a variable in the mix that could sabotage my weight loss this month.
So — when there’s a time-frame, is it wise to go on hyper-speed, do NO exception eats (or drinks — I love a good red wine but am fine without it for the month), and dispense with creating obstacles when I’m likely to run into other obstacles anyway?
Thanks for your guidance!