Exception/joy Eats Cont’d

How far in advance do I need to plan a joy eat? I’ve been off sugar and flour mostly since May and have recently implemented eating on protocol in order to lose the last 10. I thought the video on Exception Eats in Advanced Weight Loss really interesting because I have a history of bingeing and lost the first 15 pounds mostly through willpower and am scared of many different foods. I’m mostly curious with exception eats of how far in advance I should plan them. If I have my day planned, and there’s an opportunity for an exception (ie my husband decides to get donuts). Can I decide before I eat it, I’m going to eat half a donut as an exception and pay attention to how I feel during it (and even do a tedious powerful worksheet) or is it best to notice that I want the donut and decide “okay, I’m going to make half a donut my exception eat at least 24 hrs from now?” Thank you very much!