exception plan not working well

I’m seeing great results with my protocol: 2 meals a day, no snacks on weekdays. The idea is to have 3 meals on each of the weekend days, as this fits well into our social life. So far so good. BUT: Although it’s easy for me on weekdays to skip dinner AND not having snacks, on Sat/Sun the (inner) fights are immense and I often fall back into snacking and eating all of the time. I still lose weight (not very rapidly, but constantly) – but it feels terrible and honestly it simply gets on my nerves. I’m trying to do models on what happens on the weekends but find it difficult to find an intentional model, that gets to the point. Can you help?
C: Saturday/sleeping in/breakfast at (let’s say) noon, 1 hour later I’m hungry
T: Weekend protokol says I need to wait another 3 hours. But I’m hungry NOW. It is midday and such time for lunch. I’m entitled to lunch.
F: desire
A: eat a bit (as lunch is supposed to be later), then another “bit”, then more

Alternative model:
C: Hungry despite having had breakfast 1 hour earlier
T: I can wait another few hours, my body won’t starve. Hunger is just a habitual signal and no life threat
F: calm
A: Wait