Exceptions to a food plan

I’m often going on dates as of late. Sometimes these dates involve dinner and sometimes drinks. Sometimes they happen kind of at the last minute.

I want to be able to go on these spontaneous dates and sometimes I like to have several drinks, maybe three or so. But how do I handle this if it comes up last minute? So, if I have my food planned the night before and now all of a sudden I’m going to go out on a date in like 4 hours I’m not really sure what to do.

I want to drink. And I want to have a little bit of food if that’s what we are doing but I’d be better able to avoid the food than the drinking. I don’t want to feel like I can’t do that if I want to.

Can I just build into my protocol that if I go out on a spontaneous date that I am allowed to have up to three drinks that do not contain sugar? And give myself that flexibility?

Or what if one night I’m going out to a club or something with my friends. Now that covid is over where I live, there is a lot of going out and party scene. I want to be able to partake but I also want to lose weight, too!