My question has to do with exceptions: I am already a scholar for eight months. I have lost 30 pounds following a very clean protocol for six months with no exceptions. Then I had a vacation and did not plan for it and the exceptions started to pile up, while planned and decided 24 hours in advance, almost every day on the vacation became an exception day. Sure enough the pounds started to pile back up and the desire returned.
Now I am 30 days into a clean protocol once again and starting slowly to lose weight.
Yesterday I had an exception planned in advance and I noticed that my brain was so happy suddenly. Those flour and sugar tastes created such big pleasure.
And my exception was planned for just one meal but then my brain started looking for ways to already make the whole day an exception.

So I would like to take this idea of exceptions as a learning ground for me. On one hand I don’t want to be afraid of food and on the other hand perhaps it’s just me but allowing an exception really introduces back all this unwanted desire.

I wonder if you can assist me with refocusing thoughts that will allow me to get right back to my protocol after an exception?