Excited about October, love the behind the scenes

Hi Brooke,
I’m super excited about October because I am a huge minimalist and this is the first month where I really feel like I have got this. I go over my stuff fairly often so there’s not many items I need to get rid of because I havebeen applying your idea of constraint since you did it on your podcast ages ago. I am always super excited to revisit it though because it’s like polishing things up a little. Love the weekly tasks because I am kind of thinking about this stuff anyway because I’ve been in SCS since the start and I have been wondering about my brain and really if I should just be doing a massive audit on all the crap that’s in there. So spontaneously this is where I was at with SCS anyway.
Also I totally love love love your behind the scenes and what you say about friends. I feel like who I am is changing and I need more friends for this new phase of my life. Like you i have a handful of close friends who i always keep but I feel like there’s this need for a change in my social set. Anyway, just wanted to say you are doing fantastic job coming up with really deep relevant content that speaks to where I am at so thank you sooooo much. Super appreciate it. It’s adding so much to my life right now.

Thanks for all you do.xx