Excited to have MH1 to get me through changing work situation

I am so beyond grateful for starting MH1 2 weeks before my work situation unexpectedly changed due to COVID. I am trying to do daily models, feedback appreciated:

C: Clock in to work on my first day working from home
T: I’m never as productive working from home, I’m going to be fired (Seriously, brain?)
F: panicked
*** I interrupted here, but in the past this would have lead to…
A: make lists and spend lots of time look at calendar without getting started. feel overwhelmed and take a short break to calm down/”get in the mood” to work. procrastinate. avoid my own thoughts about “being productive” and why I even care. feel guilty at end of day after much procrastinating.
R: I don’t get much done and don’t have much to report back to my boss

C: Clock in to work on my first day working from home
T: Now I get to experiment with using MH1 when teleworking and learn from that!
F: excited, curious
A: adjust on the fly and put “MH1” on my calendar for Tuesday morning, my first morning working from home, to plan the rest of the week now that my work situation has changed. Brainstorm what standard tasks would be the same and what will need to be added or substracted when teleworking. build in time to problem solve remote solutions and reaching out to IT. Take joy in problem solving and trying new things and little joys like having my cats on my lap while I work and going for a walk at lunch
R: I experiment and learn how to make MH1 work for me while working from home (and have plenty to report on my “daily work” log!)