Exercise model

C: exercise
T: I don’t get any results from exercise
F: discouraged
A: don’t exercise
R: untoned body

So, that’s the model I’ve been living. But – I feel like it’s true! I bought weights, I eat healthy, and I’ve worked out but I just don’t notice any difference and it’s sooo discouraging, so I stop exercising.

I used to get results from exercise, and it was so motivating. Maybe it’s because I’m older (a thought), or maybe I’m doing something wrong (another thought) but exercise doesn’t seem to be working anymore. In order for me to exercise regularly, I’d have to truly believe that I could have an amazing body if I exercised. But the problem is that I don’t actually believe that. My results have shown me too many times that it just doesn’t! So, the below model doesn’t work, because I don’t believe that thought.

How can I find a thought that I believe, that makes me feel determined to exercise?!

Model I don’t believe:
C: exercise
T: Exercising will get me an amazing body!
F: Determined
A: exercise
R: toned body