Exercise procrastination and cancelling

Every morning I decide to go for a walk for 15 min. And I back out and sit on my couch to do journaling, mindset work, read or learn or watch a scholars video or meditate. My thoughts are:
– I like to start my mornings slow.
– I like to sit and read and learn something.

Later in the day too, I make excuses like this is not the right time, I have other things to do. I don’t plan in my calendar.

The reasons I procrastinate on this is also because my belief level on the activity of walking: I believe it is not going to do much, it’s so less that I might as well not do it. Either it is 1 hour of cardio or nothing counts. But I know walking and gentle exercise is good for my body. I feel like I don’t have an identity of someone who likes to exercise or enjoys it. But I do want to become that person who takes care of herself and likes movement.

I joined Zumba dance class, as dance is something I enjoy and then I don’t go to that either. It is a pattern that I will put exercise last on my list and first to cancel or procrastinate on. Can you help me what’s wrong here and why do I keep creating this pattern?