Exercise Question

Hi coaches. I’m doing well in various areas of my life. However I have an area where I’m not doing as well as I would like – which is exercise.

I do some walking – at times more, at times less. I also really enjoy swimming & try to do some of that occasionally, but as I see it as relaxation (so I go to a local lake for a leisurely swim occasionally, rather than go to pools)

I have always told myself – and had repeated experiences that proved this point – that I’m not able to stick to anything more than that. I always saw myself as ‘unfit / unable to do exercise’. Interestingly, my sister has been extremely fit and I’m a bit the other extreme. We were raised like that – she’s the ‘athletic’ one, I’m the ‘intellectual’ one. At times I’ve made half hearted attempts to go to the gym and there are things I’ve loved there eg the treadmill. But then I give up.

Yet now that I’m in my late 40s I can see the effects of this and I want to make a change and use coaching for help with that. The most immediate problem I have is pain on my knees going up stairs which just keeps getting worse and I think it’s because of being unfit. Even if there’s an underlying condition (which my doctor hasn’t found), doing exercise, and losing about 5 kgs would help. Here’s today’s model on this today.

C: knees hurting when going up stairs
T: I’m completely unfit & overweight
I’m not able to do exercise
F: judgmental [of myself]
A: confusing thoughts about ‘not knowing where to start’
tell myself it’s too big a project
avoid taking this to coaches
R: I remain out of shape and slightly overweight