I’ve taken a course for my chronic fatigue and I’ve been moving through dense layers of old programming having me deal with waves of anxiety and an intensification of symptoms (that’s part of the healing process).

I feel exhausted. I want to tune to the next chapter of my biz and visualize more as a way to dial down the fears of the future. I want to show up for Scholars, do models, and watch classes, etc. I want to tend to my physical stuff and work out and meditate and all that. But the list of habits that i want to keep up is overwhelming. and I know you call that an indulgent emotion, but I’m genuinely exhausted and I just want a real break. Some real rest.

But whenever I achieve deep relaxation, my brain gives me more anxiety, because that relaxation actually feels unfamiliar and scary to the brain.

I’ve been in this loop for about two months now and I’m exhausted.

Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can’t even begin to do a Model on this.