Exhaustion and protocol

Hi Brooke! First off, thank you so much for everything you share with and teach us!! It is 100% life changing and enhancing. I have been following my eating protocol for 12 days now, but I cut out sugar and flour the week before. I have coffe at 9am, lunch at 11am and dinner at 5pm. I am the General Manager for a very busy restaurant so these times work best for me. My job, which I like love (as long as my struggles with insecurity and lack of confidence do not get in the way) requires several 15 hour days back to back totaling about 60hrs a week. The restaurant food does not bother or call to me at all, I suppose I’ve just blocked it out as “not my food”. In fact, I have not have many struggles with desires or urges at all. I believe I’m very close to being fat adapted because I really did forget to eat on Wednesday until about 1:30 pm. Yay!
Now the my question- The last 3-4 days I have been VERY exhausted. I feel like I’m walking thru water at the end of the day and I’ve had some headaches at this time too. Could this be from withdrawal or should I just consider that maybe I was always this exhausted and covering it with food? I’ve done the model on this exhaustion several times because I don’t want to start feeling sorry for myself and give up on me.
I really believe in this and me. I love how I’m giving up the overeating and learning to be more real in my life.

Thanks Again,
Jennifer Keel