Expanding family


My husband and I have twin boys — they will be 4 tomorrow! Parenting them has been the most glorious (and as of recently challenging haha) experience of our life.

We have illustrious careers and big lives we want to continue to live, and we are just reaching the point in their maturity where it’s starting to feel easier.

I want one more baby. How do I convince (blackmail lol) my husband into having another even though he’s hesitant because “it’s so hard, and he’s getting too old”.

I know a big part of it is that it has been so hard and he does a lot of the normal “mom-duties” because I have the big career.  However, we are so much more prepared from this having the experience and have family help near us.

He’s also worried that I might have another set of twins because of my genetics…”which would kill him” he says.

I think I can convince him after we settle as a family a bit after this pandemic (kids go back to school, we can have a life and balance again etc…).