Expectations of exceeding my goal.

I recently set a goal of losing 1lb in 3 days. When I weighed in, I had met my goal exactly and had lost 1lb in 3 days. The first thought my brain offered was “you should have lost more.” Even though I had met my goal, I still felt disappointed. I explored this thought with a thought download and discovered a second thought my brain offers, “you have to exceed any goals or expectations to be worthy.” I immediately saw that I had this thought from childhood, and how it pertains to most aspects of my life. Intellectually, I know I am worthy right now, but this thought seems so comfortable for me since I’ve been hearing it for a longtime. I also know that this thought prevents me from even starting some goals. If I can’t exceed at a goal and put forth a lot of extra work, I don’t even get started, ultimately remaining stagnant and not growing. Now that I have discovered this thought, I am looking for questions to ask myself and some guidance on where to go next with this thought. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.