Expectations of others and being lied to

I am struggling to coach myself through this scenario and would really appreciate your guidance.
My husband and I were at our daughters school event – we had both come before work to be there. He left early saying he had to get to work. He missed the family photos (that we did not know were actually happening until after he had left). I then called when I left for work to tell him it was unfortunate that he missed the photo but that our daughter was OK with it. He then told me that he had stopped to get a coffee on the way to work. I was frustrated and disappointed. He had said he needed to leave early to get to work, but had gone for coffee, not directly to his office. I asked to share an observation and I then told him that our daughter would be disappointing if she knew that he had left early to have a coffee and missed the photo. He immediately got angry, saying he didn’t know about the photo. My point was that it wasn’t the photo that was the issue, it was leaving early to rush to work – only to go get a coffee – it was the lieing and what I interpreted as not putting his daughter above coffee time. I certainly didn’t get the outcome i wanted and am trying to see what a better way of approaching this would have been. Thank you for your help.