Expecting The Perceived Overwhelm

As soon as I set a goal, be it a weight loss/protocol goal or a work goal, I find it hard to start the engine, so to speak.

I write down a detailed plan, I calendar it, I write a post-it to remind myself, and always, on the morning of, I perceive the task as too overwhelming and end up not following through.

I watched all the videos (I am a scholar since Brooke launched the program) and totally understand that I will most certainly expect to not feel like it, but in the moment it’s as if I don’t have the ability to understand that and follow through anyway.

I understand it after I buffer and before I buffer (an hour or so before and after) but at the moment I don’t have the capacity to hold space for not feeling like it, feeling overwhelmed AND doing what I said I would do.

Would love help with that.