Expecting the Unexpected

Hi Brooke!

I am diving in (past a lot of initial resistance) and honoring my schedule! It is only day two, and I feel like I’m already learning a few things about where adjustments need to be made.

My question has to do with when you have a kind of life where major curveballs are just a part of the day-to-day. The facts in my life right now are: I am widowed with 3 children of my own ages 17(B), 15(G), 13(B), My 15-year-old struggles with intense anxiety even with therapy and medication, my youngest has severe food allergies, my current partner has MS and falls with some frequency, I have 3 papers to write to complete 3 incompletes I took when I was in school full-time last year. Right away I can see I am more productive having a schedule However, even on the first day, I had unavoidable “interruptions.” My cardiologist office was running an hour behind (and this was a needed follow up to a procedure I had last week). My daughter had several panic attacks during the day and needed support. She also admitted she had put off a major project and needed a fair amount of coaching to complete it (she did it though!). Other interruptions were more boundary related and I just need to set better ones. Yesterday reminded me that my life is full of unexpected health issues (mental and physical). Yet, I’m still dealing with a really important deadline (if I don’t finish these incompletes this month I have to pay back a major scholarship). How should I adjust my schedule when these things happen? I can’t ignore my partner falling, my daughter’s panic attacks, or my own health issues as they arise–and unfortunately, they can’t be scheduled. I’m just trying to visualize how to make sure everything that needs to get done gets done on days where I’m thrown a curve ball. I’m so excited to hear your answer!