My experience with a 22 hour fast.

Hi Brooke, I join SCS mainly to loose weight and I feel that i completely understand he concepts intellectually, but its applying it to my life where I was not doing anything at all with this new knowledge, I keep starting and stopping ( i just listed to the podcast Why quitting slows you down and quitting is off the table for me now, thanks!)

So I started the SCS , went straight to the master program on how to loose weight listen the audios and created my protocol,
but since I did not make it very detail I was basically telling myself OK ill eat between noon and 8pm.. and I ate all 8 crazy it was like my mind believe the finals days were coming and I had yo store all that food inside me…

but friday I said: I am tired of half doing this” I need to teach my brain I will not die!! So i decided to go on a 22 hour fast that will end going to this delicious restaurant that only serves salads ( closes as 6 pm so my goal was to get there right before it closes and be their last customer)

So i had a salad with 4 oz of tuna and friday at 8 pm and started my fast,

Saturday as soon as I woke up I was hungry..

im never hungry in the morning,

but of course as soon as I set my self with a goal my brain wants to sabotage it ,

but i told my-self ” you knew that your brain will try to talk you out of it” ,
during all day there was soooo much chatter in my mind, like :
-oh my god!- its going to be a whole day without food, -what about lunch, not even an apple?.. so much chatter.

I decided to go out of the house and to the park with my baby and to do some errands, in no time it was 4pm and I was not even hungry!!… I got home and was like 5 pm, I was like. ok Now im heading to the restaurant to have my salad, calmly !!

The most amazing part it was to tell myself I did it!! and to silence all that chatter in my mind that kept telling my I could not do it, that I would die.. so funny now, but almost drove me crazy.
I did it and it was awesome! Now I can tell my brain I will be fine with my intermittent fasting from 8 pm to noon and just eating two salads a day.

I will be working on my protocol with a tutor on the 15th, soo looking forward to keep doing this work 🙂