External commentary about my own 50/50 emotions AW3

Some days I wake up and don’t know how I am going to get through the day. I am very highly strung and reactive to my husband and family. On these days none of us leave the house feeling good.

After everyone has left, the children have gone to school and I have some space and perspective, I can usually calm myself down and get on with my day.

In the evening my husband will comment on this, how I seem much better, see how it wasn’t that bad actually. I feel so frustrated that he just sits there and gives this commentary about my emotions. I am acknowledging the 50 50 and learning to sit with rather than react to these emotions but it’s as if I don’t have any privacy or space to work through these things because I’m getting an external commentary. What is a better thought to have about my husband’s commentary? I feel like this so layered I can’t find my way through it.