Eye Opening

First of all, let me thank you for this month’s topic. It has been eye opening and has revealed so many thoughts that I had that were not serving me. After completing the story of my life, it became apparent that I am having the thought that I am not a person who trusts my intuition and lives with self- doubt. I had identified supportive evidence of having ideas, but not exploring them because of fear and self-doubt. I am working on a model to change this thinking, because I want it to change.

C- Ideas, intuition

T- It is impossible for me to successfully follow my ideas and intuition

F- Self-doubt

A- immediately discourage my ideas, buffer with self- sabotaging behavior such as overspending, seek encouragement from others to explore (asking “Am I really good at that?”), suppress ideas, do not share thoughts with others out of fear of their opinions that may confirm my own self- doubt

R- I do not explore my ideas and intuition

IM. C- same

T- It is possible that I can believe in myself

F- Self-assured

A- remind myself that self- doubting statements are just thoughts (tell my brain that it has not received the updated memo), follow my ideas simply because I want or feel compelled to do so, have my own back by reassuring myself that I can handle the success or failure that may accompany the exploration, remind myself that I am capable

R- I explore my ideas and follow my intuition.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!