F infatuated

Hi Coach! I’ve got a lunch planned with a man I’ve met once through work. We got along well and this is a friendly lunch. He is married, I’m married. I don’t know him very well, I’m very happy I’ve got the opportunity to know him better because I’m interested in what he’s doing professionally.
A part of me is attracted to him as a man, more precisely to the idea of him. I don’t really know if I’m really attracted to him because we met very briefly. But even before I met him the first time, I was very attracted to what he is doing and how he was presented to me.

I’m very excited by this lunch and very excited every time I read an email from him. I’m thinking about it all the time, I’m talking to him in my head, writing emails to him in my head. I feel infatuated. I know it’s not real. I know I don’t want to nurture it, because I’m married! But I guess I want to accept it in a way, it’s here and only mean I’m a female human being, feeling sometimes very excited by male human beings…

C Lunch with man met through work
T He seems to be amazing
F infatuated
A thinking about the lunch all the time, talking to him in my head, writing emails to him in my head, reading emails from him with wonder, listening to his show, thinking about his professional and personal life, idealizing him
R I disconnect from reality

Would you have some advice to handle this situation?
Thank you Coach!