F*** It!

So, I started my eating plan this week. Gasp! I forgot to mention the shredded carrots on the salad. This meant I wasn’t at 100% that is required (unless I misunderstood Our Miss Brooke)…so I stopped logging what I would eat, and start over next week. I was good until today when I got royally pissed at a co-worker. I starting to realize I’m really angry and am scared to deal with it. I haven’t totally started the eating plan, and this is where I am. So I know my thinking is wonky, but am I ok with this stuff. Last night I was really hungry and went to In and Out. It was so heavy and NOT at all good.

PS, I stopped at Safeway, and got salami and chips and a grande (not venti) hot chocolate. Oi! Feedback would be appreciated.