Face & Body Image

My impossible goal is to change “ingrained” beliefs about my face and body.

I am doing models like
C- Face
T- I hate my face
F- Disgusted
A- Constant self criticism, hiding, covering up, avoiding situation, judging what others will think of me etc
R- Effect is I create more hatred of my face ( I believe it is that this is ruining my life )

I have a lot of models like like with different thoughts about different parts of my face and body.

Intellectually I know it is my thoughts, so I am looking to move to more neutral thoughts/ ladder thoughts to begin with…and I can’t find ones that are believable to move to.

How best do I process the emotions, that all these “negative” thoughts are generating. Do I write them daily and sit and process them for a period of time, whilst practicing the ladder thoughts?

Is there any other work you could suggest doing please?

Thank you