Facebook and Changing your Past

I know you are not on Facebook. But I think you might know or have heard about how “things” show up on FB that you may or may not want to see.

Especially, your past. Brooke, your PAST shows up on FB a lot. Sometimes it’s FB itself reminding you, or sometimes it’s your “friends” who post things to remind you of your past.

This happened yesterday. Someone posted a picture of me at 14 years old (a chubby me) with her son (very cute little guy)).

The caption was “a very cute photo of these two.” She went on to saying that I looked the same (I am 41 now, and not chubby), but that her son (now 30) has changed a bit.

My brain freaked out. The world (my world) got to see a chubby me! Gah!!! I let it freak out. I let it want to delete the post from my page. I even told my husband about my brain freaking out all the while people started liking that pictures. Whoa.

I did NOT delete the picture. I became an “adult” and went upstairs to do the July workbook and did a model on it instead.


C: Photo of me at 14 on FB
T: I was chubby, and I did not want everyone to see it
F: Embarrassed
A: Freak out in brain
R: Wanted to erase it so people did not see what I looked like in my past

C: Photo of me at 14 on FB
T: I was chubby chubby at 14. I am not 14 anymore (but 41 — whoa, numbers game!), and no longer look like that
F: Amused. Proud to have come this far.
A: Allowed it to stay on FB
R: Don’t care what others think. Enjoyed the likes and comments because those who know me won’t even care an ounce

So my brain is still freaking out a tad bit (emotional child — emotional 14 year old child from that pic). But I am allowing this to happen… and Brooke… it’s blowing my mind. 🙂