Facebook Friend drama

I am feeling drama around the constant new male friend requests I am getting on FB. I previously didn’t spend much time on social media outside of my cause- dog rescue. Now that I have started various business accounts, I am very active. Since the pandemic, I am receiving 20-40 male friend requests daily, all seemingly with the intent to hook up or chat romantically. I am clear, once they inevitably message me, that I don’t share my social status (single, married, etc.) and that I am primarily on FB for business and cause purposes. But it is starting to make me feel torn between being cynical, expecting them to lewdly reach out; and not wanting to limit my reach for my businesses and cause. I don’t want to develop a bias, feeling that any male that requests me is lewd and inappropriate. I am wondering if I should just deny the friend requests or accept them and not engage in any chats? Or should I engage in harmless chats and then block if they go astray? This actually feels silly now that I am putting it in writing…. I am not sure why it is vexing me.
C Male Facebook friend requests
T they are going to try to get romantic or sexual
F Uncomfortable
A wonder if not accepting them will limit my potential audience reach from their friends, worry that I am judging all by the actions of many, cringe every time I accept a friend request, deny friend requests with no known mutual friends, wonder if denying friend requests with no known mutual friends is wise, feel ridiculous, wish every interaction didn’t begin with a compliment that feels icky
R ?