Facilitating out of Town Outcome – Oz

Hi Brooke,
I was concerned to travel for work for the first time and be on my protocol. I asked you about it sometime ago. In your answer one of the things you mentioned that really resonated with me was to open my brain to the idea and that this is how I eat now including long periods of intermittent fasting. That this new way of eating and not eating happens in the middle of all and everything I am doing in my life. I did many models about it and felt a big range of emotions about it as well.
I have now been on a couple of work trips. I have officially BLOWN my own mind. All day long there were long gorgeous tables with unique and specially curated desserts, finger sandwiches, salads and snacks and I didn’t touch a thing. I did admired how beautiful it all looked and smelled while I drank the delicious tea I brought, coffee or water. I knew that wasn’t for me to eat but to enjoy visually. During the trips I continued my intermittent fasting and didn’t eat at meals where everyone else was eating. Sometimes I would put a bit of food in my plate and moved it around and other times I plainly said I wasn’t hungry at that moment when asked. I felt that was enough information and no further explanations were needed… and colleagues and leaders appeared satisfied with them… wow! I enjoy intermittent fasting and felt so empowered and free as I was doing it during business travel while surrounded all day and part of the evening by others including executives from my company. And when I weighted myself after the trips I had lost a pound… what? I am celebrating! This is a tremendous win and strong start for me and I can see places for fine-tuning and perfecting this new way of life as I travel as well. I appreciate your answer to my original question and my courage and willingness to do the work required for these results to happen!!
I know this breakthrough goes way beyond food, eating and fasting… I am coming around to really experiencing what I have been hearing from you, Byron Katie and others for a long time… new thoughts -about a circumstance- filled with possibility create new and priorly impossible feelings that bring about new and priorly impossible actions and consequently new priorly impossible results.
I am in awe, inspired and moved to continue on this powerful path!
Deeply grateful for your contribution in my life Brooke! Love, Oz