Facing Discomfort

I consider myself, and most people consider me, to be smart, productive, energetic, motivated, abd focused, blah blah blah. I have always felt and do feel very fortunate to not be burdened by many of the problems of self doubt, self hatred, low energy, and anxiety that are so common in society. I willingly choose to face mental and physical discomfort in the course of pursuing my work and hobbies.

Having said all of that, your teachings on goal setting, time management, and buffering are just incredible for me. I have committed myself to developing a life coaching business and have been working on content as per HTBLC podcast. This represents a fairly open-ended challenge for me, as I’ve never considered myself a Creator in that sense. I’ve thought of myself as a problem solver, able to apply creative to existing problems, but not to create art or content ‘out of the blue’. I also admit to doubting whether I have it in me the knowledge and the insight to create adequate content to support my business.

It’s just insane how often I want to find myself avoiding the discomfort and challenge of Creation, essentially by buffering. My worst indulgence is buffering with research. I’ll begin to write, and will hit a block, or question the quality of my content. My tendency is to turn away from it – to take a break – my checking and responding to my work email, taking care of some other job on my work or personal to-do list, and researching internet marketing and web tools, or reading ‘self help’ books or your podcasts. This later – researching – is the most insidious, because it feels like work.

Until recently, I had no understanding that this turning away from work was a form of buffering, of avoiding discomfort. Because of my natural productivity and energy, I’ve generally been able to get a lot done in spite of this. But I now see it in a very different light and am working accordingly, with good results. I can see that there really is no limit to my personal growth potential if I’m willing to really face discomfort and to challenge myself.

Thank you!