Fail on purpose?

My dare for the day was to ask for a sale on a FB live. My models were:
C-Dare-sell online
T- I might look salesy
A-spin in confusion
R-question what, where, when, how much

C-Dare-sell online
T- I’m helping people solve a problem
F-self confident
A- there is no wrong platform or time, pick one, GO
R- sell online

But…as the day progressed I had no fear of the dare. No clarity on what I was going to sell either. I was working it out and I realized that I was totally willing to ‘dive in’ unprepared. I don’t mean 80% and dive. I mean 10% and dive. It felt like I was totally willing to feel ‘failure’ if I didn’t really try. YIKES!
This explains some of my history. What a valuable discovery. I want to explore this as it almost felt like
C-Dare- sell online
T- I will do this. I won’t quit.
A- throw myself in
R- I didn’t quit…but I didn’t really try

Any insights would be appreciated!