Failing At Starting


I am a new scholar and would like to lose 30 pounds but more than anything I would like to stop desiring flour and sugar.
My days revolve around getting my flour and sugar fix from the moment I rise and until I go to bed.
I watched the entire SO course and created a no flour, no sugar protocol and each day for the last week that I’ve been trying to start, I fail and give in.
Each day my brain had given me thoughts that promise to start tomorrow because for some reason the date sounds better and I believed them.
Then when January 1st came I really thought what could my brain possibly come up with? This is the perfect date to start.
But then my brain said it just doesn’t feel like it, that it’s a bummer not to eat donuts, and that I will be missing out.
There was almost like a mini depression or a grief over – what, I will not be able to eat these foods anymore?

So I’ve made myself a list of thoughts to tell myself in the moment:

My brain is wired to want sugary food.
My brain is just doing its job.
My brain is just trying to protect me.
My brain is just trying to keep me alive.
Sugar and flour are like drugs for my body.
I don’t want to be shackled to these foods anymore.

And then my brain will answer to all of these with something as simple as – okay, okay, I promise I’ll start tomorrow. And then I find myself at the grocery store again buying my daily binge.

What should I be doing differently or thinking differently?