Failing…but not failing forward

I set a 60-day goal of finishing our home renovations and went through all the steps listed in How To Get It Done. Some A-line actions I listed were to create and follow a schedule for the week, something I thought would be great for me to foster trust that my calendar is as good as done.

Well, yesterday I didn’t follow my schedule at all, starting with my scheduled wake-up time. I didn’t beat myself up about it, and just figured I’d take a look at what happened in my morning thought work. I ran through unintentional and intentional models, and thought, “great, I’ll use my intentional thoughts to help me wake up at the scheduled time tomorrow.”

Well, today I didn’t wake up on time either. And I didn’t exercise as planned. And then I buffered practically the entire day about doing the scheduled work for a client that was due (and is now late). Meaning yet again, I didn’t follow my schedule.

And now I’m frustrated because I’m failing and I don’t even feel like I’m failing forward. Just stuck. And I’m embarrassed that my husband worked all day while I did nothing.

I know Brooke says not to look back, but I can’t help thinking that I’ve been here so many times before, that this is the millionth time I’ve tried to follow a schedule and didn’t. And that because of that I’m never going to be able to build trust that my calendar is as good as done.

How can I fail forward instead?