Failing and Not Getting Up (?)

Hi Brooke, I was going to be live coached next time but because I will not be able to attend this next Oct 26 session due to a conflict I hope you don’t mind but I decided to move this one over to “Ask Brooke:”

I’m reading through the new book “How to Have a Better Life” and it is outstanding. I’m reading through the section on Failure and inspired by what it conveys but here’s the issue – I don’t think I’m afraid of failure per se because I recognize the growth that can come from it – even from “big” fails and I’m willing to do that.

I think my fundamental issue is that if I’m honest with myself I’m willing to do that to a point despite my desire to believe with no qualifications.

I have and need to get over a strong limiting belief that the possibility exists for a failure that will be so epic that I won’t be able to surmount it because of the sheer magnitude of the circumstances. For example, if I leave my current job convinced that I can earn enough in my new business that I can support my family and risk it but without the safety net fail to accomplish that and am economically “ruined” before I have a chance to reach my goals. For instance, one major health issue without insurance can potentially “wipe us out.” And then my mind creates lovely follow up scenarios like once I’m ruined financially I will no longer be able to think about anything else because I’ll “lose the will” to keep going until I succeed. Part of the problem is I have past “evidence” or “legs” that such mental pain is possible through debt and related issues. So my current belief is that I have to have all my ducks in a row before I’m willing to risk. The bottom line is that logically I see it – emotionally, I want to see it but keep talking myself out of it.

As always, thanks for your help and insight. 🙂