Fails, massive action, and results as a student?

Hi Brooke,

I am the medical student whose Impossible Goal for 2018 is to reach 100% on my tests by end of 2018. I have 2 questions for you:

1. I have been struggling with the types of fails that would get me closer to this goal. What I’ve come up with so far all revolve on spending time studying. Do you have any other suggestions that might trigger a brainstorm of more creative ideas?

2. When I plan for results, how do I do this as a student? What results other than a grade on exams can a learner have? I can understand what results look like from the business perspective, or where someone is creating a product. However, as a student, what am I producing? And if knowledge is the product, how else can I measure that than with tests? If I am planning for massive action, I can study until I reach my goal, but I have a hard time imaging the types of results I would get in the interim (other than tests).

Somehow I find it so much easier to think of ideas when others are looking at their goals. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to apply this thinking to my goal. Do you have any suggestions to help me open my mind a little? 🙂

Thanks so much!!!